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Blue Lush Lemonade by tugboat (New)

45.00 AED

Maskking High Disposable Vape Pod System Kit

20.00 AED


20.00 AED

Mini Banana Ice – MYLÉ Disposable Vape Pods

45.00 AED

Mini Grape Ice – MYLÉ Disposable Vape Pods

45.00 AED

Mini Iced Blueberry – MYLÉ Disposable Vape Pods

45.00 AED

Mini Iced Lychee MYLÉ Disposable Vape Pods

45.00 AED

Mini Iced Quadberry MYLÉ Disposable Vape Pods

45.00 AED

Mini Iced Watermelon – MYLÉ Disposable Vape Pods

45.00 AED

Mini Lemon Mint MYLÉ Disposable Vape Pods

45.00 AED

Mini Mixed Berries – MYLÉ Disposable Vape Pods

45.00 AED

Mini Peach Ice – MYLÉ Disposable Vape Pods

45.00 AED



MYLE is a renowned brand in the world of vapes. Now, this is at your doorsteps in Dubai. This premium company offers you to buy the best closed, open, and disposable pod system vapes. MYLE has brought so many different and usable vape devices for you. These devices are guaranteed with the most advanced technology. Easy to use, find great flavours, and starter are highly recommended to have experience with MYLE vape devices in Dubai.



If you prefer the easiest use of vape products, you must use Myle’s latest products. In Dubai, brings the price range of products at fingers’ end. iVape is the first licensed shop to give you the real experience of vape shopping across the UAE. By ordering above AED 250, you will get free delivery on the same day within two to four hours. As our staffs are very professional and possess’ extensive skills in vaping, they can recommend the right product that customer needs. Who is thinking about to quit smoking, just knock our experts, seek guidance and our team is ready to help you out there at the time of the product selection process.



The design of the main kit is outlined in Italy. The use of Myle Pods is simple, and the style is guaranteed. Those individuals are looking for Myle vaping products, they will have a great experience of wonderful e-liquid flavours. Our all flavoured pods are non-refillable 0.9ml capacity that equals not less than 240 puffs. Worried about charging? No need to worry. The USB charger is included in the package for charging.



  1. MAGNETIC DEVICE: These magnetic vape devices are durable and sleek. Aqua Teal, Ruby Red, Gun Metal, Jet Black, and Sky Blue are attractive colours for you. We are providing extended battery life so that not to worry about your enjoyment. We also introduced anti-leak technology. Don’t worry about durability. A 1-year warranty is provided after buying the devices. The size of the devices fit you easily. Note that these devices are not compatible with original MYLE Pods. Inside the box, you will get 1 rechargeable Vape Device, 1 micro USB charger and 1 user manual.
  2. MAGNETIC PODS: These pods are pre-filled flavour pods. You will find amazing flavors like Iced Apple Mango, Iced Coffee, Iced Mint, Iced Watermelon, Pound Cake, Sweet Mango, etc. As our pods are leak-proof, you may have the best hassle-free experience while vaping. These pods are designed to be used with MYLE devices. With the best reasonable price, you will find-

* A pack of four (4) disposable magnetic MYLÉ Vape pods

* 5% or 2% nicotine by volume/pod

* 0.9mL/magnetic pod

* Salt Nicotine (SaltNic) Ejuice

* 240 puffs/pod (approx)

* Magnetic Pods

Note: Not compatible with original MYLÉ Device


  1. CLASSIC DEVICE: These devices give you an ultra-portable pod system. The starter can have experience with the features like Plug-and-Play Ecosystem, Integrated 240mAh Rechargeable Battery, LED Light Battery Indicator, Direct Voltage-Based Output, Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism, 9mL Pre-Filled Juice Cartridges – (not included), Each Pod Lasts ~240 Puffs and Proprietary Gold-Plated Magnetic Connection. The colours of these devices are very attractive and they are BLACK, BLUE, GOLD, GREY, RAINBOW, WHITE and HOT PINK. These devices include 1 MYLE Device and Instructional Manual.


  1. CLASSIC PODS: MYLE Vapor brought some amazement and cooling pods for you. These pre-filled pods contain awesome flavors like Apple Mango, Iced Coffee, Iced Mint, Iced Watermelon, Pound Cake, Sweet Mango, etc. By trying our new designed pods you will have great pleasure in leisure. Our nicotine delivery system pod package includes:

* Pack of four MYLE pods

* 240 puffs/pod (approx) in each.

* 5% nicotine by weight (50mg nicotine)

* Each pod contains 0.9ml of pre-filled e-liquid


  1. MYLE DISPOSABLE: We perform a new proposition in the vaping industry that was developed and designed by professionals in Italy. The company presents a device that becomes a part of your daily life because of modern, high-tech design and the integration of the latest and advanced technologies. A nicotine delivery system can satisfy all your nicotine demands and especially a perfect choice for people who have decided to quit smoking.

We always prefer our customer’s choice. That’s why we always try to look after at our designs which are developed by professional in Italy. Our new designed nicotine delivery system can make your satisfaction full with great flavours such as Blueberry, Grape, Tobacco, and Watermelon. The Main Features offer-

* a pack of 3 pieces.

* 50 mg nicotine;

* 5% strength;

* About 300 puffs in each;

Special Note: Do not remove the bottom rubber stopper, the e-liquid will be leaked




MYLE is not only a brand of vapes but also the name of customers’ satisfaction in Dubai. The company never compromises with quality and convenience. The best products at the best price are only available at your doorsteps.  Visit our website, grab our offer, explore our products, and give up smoking cigarettes with MYLE Vape with new experience.